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Our Counsellors are here to support you if you are:

Clarity’s services comprise of:

  1. THERAPEUTIC AND SUPPORT GROUPS for a range of mental health and emotional issues
  2. 1-To-1 counselling

Group work is a powerful and effective process which enables a small group of clients to work together with two counsellors towards a more positive and optimistic future.  It can be easier to talk to people who share your experience  as they can understand how you feel perhaps more than family and friends who do not have first hand experience of your issue.  Here are just some of the feedback comments our group clients:

One of the main principles of group counselling is that meeting other people who have similar issues and hearing their stories lets people know that they are not alone.  Issues such as bereavement or depression can make you feel isolated and as if you are facing the world alone.

Group counselling helps to overcome those feelings of isolation.

One-to-one Counselling is offered to clients who may have specific or very complex issues which need to be addressed on a one-to-on basis.  Clients are given the opportunity to talk to one of our counsellors over a period of weeks in a safe and confidential environment.

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